Our interpreting methods

According to your needs and event conceptions we offer you the most suitable method of interpreting, always aware of our mission statement: Our passion for languages is your advantage!

Liaison interpreting means translating between two parties during a round-table discussion in two languages. No equipment is needed for this type of interpretation. It is used for small business meetings, contract negotiations or informal talks.

Simultaneous interpreting is done during oral presentations in conferences for as many listeners and into as many languages as you like. The interpreter is located in an interpreters` booth and speaks at the same time as the speaker. Different combinations of languages are possible while using one booth for each language pair.

Chuchotage or whispered translation is a simplified version of the former without a booth. It can be used in smaller rooms with good acoustics with the help of a mobile interpreting equipment when there is only a limited number of 25 listeners at the most. The interpreter whispers directly into the ear of the listener or speaks into the microphone of a mobile equipment. As the interpreter does not wear headphones a very low noise level is mandatory, so that no information will be lost. The other listeners, however, might feel disturbed by the sound.

Consecutive interpreting is the delayed translation of a speech. The interpreter takes notes while the lecturer is speaking. When he or she pauses or finishes, the interpreter gives a summary of the contents. For this kind of translation, apart from the microphone no technology is needed, but it should be considered that this method is far more time-consuming. It is being used for dinner speeches or commemorative speeches and all kinds of short presentations.

Escort interpreting – is used when an interpreter is needed to accompany one person or a small group of people on any kind of walking tour, a shopping or sightseeing tour or when visiting a museum or a trade fair, and assist them with an occasional translation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be glad to advise on how to best organize your event!

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