What kind of technology do we need?

Best results can only be guaranteed with the suitable technical equipment, be it an interpreter´s booth or a tour guide system, because they enable us to reach more listeners and save time and money.

For a simultaneous translation on a professional level a wireless infrared interpreting system, consisting of receivers for the participants wanting to listen to the translation, one clip microphone and/or a microphone on a stand for the speaker, 4 to 5 table microphones, 3 to 6 portable microphones, 4 to 6 loudspeakers with amplifiers and an interpreters´ booth, is needed.

Our service includes transport, assembly and deployment of the equipment as well as technical support by an experienced technician during the conference. The distribution of the receivers to the participants is done by your staff and is therefore within your responsibility.

For the whispering translation a mobile tour guide system, consisting of a microphone for the interpreters and the respective number of receivers for the audience, is needed. The maximum number of participants, however, is 25.
The equipment will be jointly operated by the client and the interpreters. The distribution of the participants` receivers will be done by your staff and is therefore within your responsibility.

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